Summertime And The Merger Rumors Are Easy

from the just-talk dept

If you’ve been following the telecom sector at all the past few weeks, the only “excitement” (assuming you don’t count corporate collapses as excitement) has been a variety of merger rumors – mostly focusing on the big wireless carriers. There have been rumors of mergers among them for quite some time, and some people think it’s a foregone conclusion that AT&T, Cingular, and VoiceStream will become one company, while Sprint PCS and Verizon will become another. One of those two groups might just pick up Nextel, too, for some added color. However, since there’s not much else to talk about these days, everyone has been intensifying the rumors about such deals. Many people, though, think it’s just summertime boredom that is making people put so much weight on the latest rumors. Not much else is going on, so why not come up with some juicy telecom merger rumors? Not exactly my idea of summertime fun, but I guess everyone has to have their own hobbies.

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