Investors: Blame Yourselves

from the no-time-for-due-diligence dept

Somewhat related to the article below about bankers and VCs suddenly discovering due diligence, a new study of investors has shown that most admit they don’t do much due diligence on their own investment decisions – mainly because they just don’t have the time. However, when it comes to placing blame, they don’t blame themselves. Instead, they still place the blame on the CEOs of the companies they invest in for hiding information from the public. So, basically, what they’re saying is that it’s not worth doing any due diligence because the CEOs are lying anyways… but, they’re still going to give their money to them, because…? They don’t seem to have an answer to that question. I would think, if you believe the CEO of a company is withholding information to inflate the company’s stock price that you wouldn’t want to invest in that company. Apparently, thinking that far is too difficult for most investors.

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