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It’s only a little scary to me that I know multiple people who have spent significant amounts of time trying to push up the results of a Google search of their name vs. other people with the same name. ?Now, David Gallagher has written in Business 2.0 about his quest to rise to the top of the Google heap against some teenaged TV star who happens to share the same name. ?He asked a bunch of people to point to his website and link with his name as the anchor text, and a few weeks later he moved his way up. ?The Google engineer he spoke to was not impressed saying it wasn’t a very “competitive field”. Apparently the teenaged TV star isn’t as popular as the writer David Gallagher thought. ?His next goal, though, is to become the number result for “David”. ?Now, there’s a challenge. ?Update: Completely separate from this, we’ve added a new Google related poll. ?Go vote.

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Comments on “Top Of The Google Heap”

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1 Comment
Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Back in the day (pre-google – when Excite was a dominant search engine), I used to do this in an epic battle to stay ahead of the actor Chris ODonnell. I outgrew it 😉 I did notice recently though that if you google “chris” the top result is Lockergnome and Tech TV guy Chris Pirillo. If you then narrow that search result by searching on ODonnell I am number 1. If your google on “Chris ODonnell” though, you get the actor. Not sure what all that means – I am surprised that the results are different though.

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