Case Back In Court

from the it-never-ends dept

We’ve been following the case for over three years, now. When we first mentioned it, I had said I was hoping the case would eventually make it to the Supreme Court, because I thought it would be fun to have Supreme Court Justices arguing over It’s getting just a little bit closer every day. The case is going back to court to argue over a few different points. The guy who stole, Stephen Michael Cohen, hasn’t paid up the money ($65 million) the court said he owes, though Gary Kremen (the guy he stole it from, and who now has it back) says he’s managed to claim some of Cohen’s property. Cohen is trying to get the ruling overturned, and says that the amount he has been fined is so much that he can’t even afford to buy toilet paper. Kremen is also bringing VeriSign (via Network Solutions) to court saying that they should pay up for pain & suffering, or some sort of equivalent for screwing the whole thing up in the first place. He’s also trying to get the court to overturn a ruling that said domain names are not property, because that’s just silly.

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