No Smoking or Talking at Indian Gas Stations

from the explosion-may-result dept

India’s Oil Industry Safety Directorate has officially banned cellphone use at gas pumps. They are worried that sparks from a cell phone battery might ignite the gas fumes. A study by Shell found that the single most dangerous item near a gas pump after matches and cigarettes is the car itelf. So you really have to wonder what kind of cellphones people are using in India.

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Comments on “No Smoking or Talking at Indian Gas Stations”

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todd says:


Mike, not only is this urban legend fodder, it is something that the litigation-fearing Oil Companies in these United States have swallowed hook, line and sinker. Next time you’re at the pump, I’ll wager you will find a sticker saying “turn off all cellular phone equipment” somewhere closeby….

al says:

Re: gas station cell phone usage

I saw a reality show on tv today with home videos. A guy is just pumping his gas and he starts on fire. They said they figured it must have been static electricity. Seems to me that if a guy can get enough static electricity going just standing around then maybe the static from a cell phone could do the trick too. Not often, but maybe it’s time for one of them studies.

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