Why Grow The Market When You Can Just Steal From Your Competitors?

from the it's-called-strategy dept

Generally speaking, in a growth industry, a company is better off doing their best to grow the market – making more customers interested in buying products in their field. It’s when a market gets mature that you begin to fight it out more directly with your competitors to fight over market share. Now, Larry Ellison seems to be contradicting himself by first saying that the market for databases is not mature yet, and there’s still tremendous growth. At the same time, though, he’s saying that Oracle doesn’t need the market to grow, because they’re just going to crush their competitors and steal their market share. In Ellison’s Darwinian view of the market, it’s time for the less important players to step aside and let Oracle take over their market share.

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Comments on “Why Grow The Market When You Can Just Steal From Your Competitors?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Windows "Longhorn"

Sounds like Larry is unaware that Windows “Longhorn” file system will be built on an integrated database. I’m sure Longhorn server will include additional database functions to help “innovate” (tm Microsoft Corporation) the database. Remember what happened when Microsoft included an integrated web/file browser to increase the orgasmic Windows experience?

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