What Gizmos The College Kids Like These Days

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A couple of reporters spent 33 days talking to 127 different students at 8 different universities around the country to find out what college kids do with technology these days. It’s actually a very interesting article. Not all that surprising if you happen to follow technology, but it’s good to see just how much technology permeates their everyday lives. Some of the conclusions the reporters come to are interesting as well. It seems that a computer related degree is now seen like a pre-med degree used to be. It’s a “smart” decision for someone who wants a secure, well paying job when they’re done. There’s also evidence that learning about technology isn’t just for the geeks any more. Many more “non-techies” are taking tech related classes (and many more women are signing up for CS classes), as the “geeky guy with no life” stigma is beginning to fade. They also bring up the fact that the laws are going to have to catch up with the technology, and not the other way around. College kids today don’t really care what the law says about file sharing and such. They know what they want to do, and they do it. It’s not like some poorly planned out law is going to stop that from happening.

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