Buggy Software Is Costly

from the need-better-testing dept

A new study confirms what most people already knew: buggy software is costly. The study says that buggy software ended up costing people nearly $60 billion last year (hey, wait, isn’t that about how much Bill Gates is worth? Hmm….). The study admits that it’s impossible to get rid of all bugs, but that better testing procedures could at least cut down these costs by approximately a third.

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Comments on “Buggy Software Is Costly”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Testing != Profit

Testing costs money. Software is typically released with known bugs in order to meet a deadline. Patches, updates, service packs and the ALL NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION!!! are later released. This allows the programming manufacturer to appease its need for money and put the worry about getting the software to work on the home user or corporate end users IT department. Since our beloved law-makers have declared it’s not the software manufacturers fault that it released bad or unsafe software nothing will change anytime soon.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

They’d only counter with a study that shows that software is buggy because piracy takes away so much money that 98% or software developers would go out of business if they has to put there meager profits into testing. Do you know what happens to out of work programmers??? They download mp3s! 🙂

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