Spam Conference Participants Have No Idea How To Fight Spam

from the not-good dept

At a conference held today to discuss what to do about spam, one thing was very clear: no one knows what to do about spam. Everyone wants to stop spam, but no one can agree on ways that will work and that won’t cause other problems. A lot of people are afraid of government regulation, but even if laws are passed, most people doubt it will have much of an effect. Spam is a global problem – and a single country’s laws aren’t going to stop it. Not the most optimistic of articles. One interesting thing in the article is that they say spammers have reasons to share their spam methods with other spammers, while companies that block spam have no incentive to share info. I wonder why this is. If I were a spammer, and knew some better tricks, why would I share it with other spammers who are sending out exact replicas of my spam anyway?

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