AOL-Time Warner Releasing MP3s For Sale

from the one-step-closer dept

Yet another music label is taking one step closer to actually offering consumers what they want. Warner Music and AOL have agreed to offer up unreleased music tracks from some of their musicians in the MP3 format for $0.99. It’s good to see that they’re experimenting with MP3s (like Vivendi did recently). I still think, if they’re really doing this for promotional purposes (as they claim) that they should give the tracks away for free. They’re basically saying “here, pay for our advertisements to you”. Still, it is one step closer to actually giving consumers what they want, and that’s a good sign.

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Comments on “AOL-Time Warner Releasing MP3s For Sale”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

Great...A step in the right direction...

Now all Vivendi and AOL Time Warner needs to do is release songs and artists I actually listen to (I’m not a big fan of Jewel or Red Hot Chili Peppers.) This model would also be better if they offered albums for a low flat rate too, downloadable and transferable to other machines or to CD. Think of that…we could get rid of most of the distribution costs if we went to internet distribution…sounds like AOL-TW and Vivendi might be learning a little, maybe not as most of the stuff available isn’t available in the stores and is promotional…

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