Monster DSL Scammer A Known Conman

from the track-him-down dept

Back in March we had an article about a DSL company that was really a scam. They got a bunch of people to sign up for DSL “for life”, pay money, and then, the head of the company ran off with the money. It turned out that he had conned everybody. He leased office space, and even convinced everyone he hired that it was a real company. They were trying to hunt down the guy back in March, but still haven’t found him. So, now, they’ve released a bunch of pictures of the guy, and are hoping someone spots him. It turns out he has a history of pulling cons under a variety of assumed names. Seems like a fairly complex con to set up, for only $160,000. The guy sounds a bit like a modern-day Frank Abagnale Jr. – though, Abagnale preferred to rip off banks or fool people into believing he was something he wasn’t, rather than stealing from random people.

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