Another Study Shows Digital Music Drives Sales

from the how-about-that? dept

How long will the music industry ignore all the evidence that suggests their continued insistence on trying to legislate new technologies out of existence hurts them more than helps them? A new study shows that people who download music and have CD burners tend to buy more music. Of course, the music industry will continue to ignore that this is even a possibility, and focus on having CD burners and file sharing systems banned. This really does sound like the VCR all over again.

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Comments on “Another Study Shows Digital Music Drives Sales”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Please define how doing what you do is in any way “constructive”? I have tried explaining to you multiple times the choice of sites we pick. I’ve also pointed out that we have a very legitimate feedback mechanism.

So… for the FINAL time: Techdirt posts articles we find interesting from whereever they come from. If you want to post articles from “obscure” places, go ahead and create your own site.

Techdirt was never intended to post articles from obscure sites. Plenty of people find value in the articles we post and the summaries and commentary. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you have to be annoying to everyone else.

I’ve also pointed out that we read hundreds of sites each day. We pick the best, most interesting stories that we find and which we want to see on the site.

What I really don’t understand is why if you find so little value in the site you feel the ridiculous need to come back each day and point it out. Go off to those news sites and read the articles yourself.

Oh, I KNOW why. Because you’re not here offering “constructive” criticism. You’re not here to be helpful. You’re just being a troll. One of these days, maybe, you’ll grow up.

2Lazy2Register says:


What’s the matter? Get tired of having all of your useless posts modded (appropriately) to Troll on Slashdot? Last month there was an almost identical pinhead bitching because all of the stories were from I don’t see a) how both could be possible, b) how it’s any of your business anyway, or c) why you even bother to come here since you’ve decided there is nothing of value for you here. It’s useless sniping like this that turned a lot of us off of slashdot in the first place.

Florian M Unterkircher says:

No Subject Given

It’s rather obvious that cd-writer ownership and an interest in consuming music is positively correlated. However, the statement that people owming a cd-writer tend to buy more music does not really support the argument that the music industry does not lose sales because of that.

I assume that, generally, how much music you buy and whether you own electronic devices such as a cd writer depends on your income level (therefore, both are really dependent variables of a third one).

For a statement like “cd-writer ownership encourages people to buy more music” to be verified, one would have to check which variables have a significant influence on the purchase level (factor analysis) and then see how those relate with each other (covariance).

…or something like this, but I think you get the idea.

Anonymous Coward says:


Re: No Subject Given
You also are ignoring that most if not all of the file trading represents only “potential” lost sales. You cannot assume that because someone downloaded a song, that he/she would have ever actually bought it if the download did not exist.

Re: Trolls
This is Mike’s site.
It is Mike’s choice to post what Mike likes.

Go to and you will find that is available, hint, hint.

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