Young Males Share Music

from the well,-duh dept

In case you couldn’t have figured it out on your own, it turns out that young American males are the most likely to download music online. Of course, considering this is one of the major target demographics of the music industry, it would seem that this would be a valuable lesson in what their biggest customers want. Instead, of course, this will most likely be used by the music industry to label all young American males as criminals.

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Comments on “Young Males Share Music”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

Why Not?

Why not? After all, we all are criminals…why should young American males be any different? Right Anonymous Coward(s)?

Next they will say everyone but young American males are evil copyright criminals because they aren’t the music industries main demograph…obviously the rest of us aren’t spending enough money on their $18 piece of crap CDs that we are defrauding them of their right to be greedy bastards.

Oh, and you can check my logs, I’ve never downloaded a single movie, song, or warez file from the internet…so lets head off that argument right now…

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