Talking Margarine In Your Supermarket Aisle

from the parkay! dept

For years, Parkay margarine has had those annoying commercials with the talking tub of margarine. It seems some advertising genius has decided to outfit a number of the tubs with motion sensors – so they will start yelling at you as you pass them in the supermarket aisle. I think we may have just found the killer app to make people move to online grocery shopping.

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Comments on “Talking Margarine In Your Supermarket Aisle”

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Chris (user link) says:

Not surprised..

This doesn’t surprise me at all. When I was in grad school (way back in he early 90’s) I was involved in a market study of a company that was putting LCD screens on shopping carts, that communicated via a bunch of sensors in the ceiling. When you walked by a particular product a coupon would pop up on the screen, which you could redeem electronically.Also, they had all that data of your route through the store, how long you stopped at a promoted product, etc. We thought that stuff was far more valuable than the coupon service, but being 1991 or 92, the infrasturcture really wasn’t in place to support that kind of data. I company went under right after that, and to this day I haven’t seen anybody try it again. The Parkay thing seems to be related, although much more annoying!

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