Making Money Off Of Digital Cameras

from the tricky dept

Let’s see. Here’s an industry that had a successful business model for years, that’s suddenly been thrown into turmoil by a digital alternative, that in many ways caught the industry by surprise. The Economist is taking a look at the digital photography business. While the money used to be in printing photographs, digital photography makes printing much more difficult (and often not necessary at all). Unlike their counterparts in the entertainment industry, Kodak hasn’t been (as far as I know) whining to the government about forcing all digital cameras to only be printed at photoshops. Instead, they’re trying to change with the times, and are experimenting with a variety of business models to capture money from digital photography.

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Comments on “Making Money Off Of Digital Cameras”

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2Lazy2Register says:


Kodak still has the benefit of lots and lots of old people, or people reluctant to change, or people that like having a negative to keep sales going for awhile. The one that’s hurting has got to be Polaroid! And yes, I agree – it’s surprising that they haven’t found some overly broad patent they hold on ‘instant photography’ to try to stem the tide.

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