Film88: Gone

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Earlier this week we mentioned the streaming movie rental site had popped up in Iran, suggesting that it would be safe there from the MPAA – who shut down their sister site, Of course, I did wonder what sort of internet infrastructure they had in Iran to support such a thing. It turns out that’s a very good question, because the company’s servers weren’t actually in Iran (as they had claimed). They were over in the Netherlands – which is friendly with the US, and thus listened when the MPAA started screaming and yelling. End result? has been shut down. Of course, I do think this could give people other ideas about setting up similar services in places where they’re less likely to be shut down. It’s not as if these companies are simply going to stop. If the movie industry had any brains, they would realize that they should have been offering a similar service three years ago.

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Comments on “Film88: Gone”

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2Lazy2Register says:


Wasn’t there a guy that bought an old oil drilling platform out in international waters somewhere with the idea of setting up a data vault? You would be able to store your data there knowing it was safe from subpoena or other legal action. I wonder if that’s the wave (pun intended) of the future.

Brad says:

Re: Offshore

You’re thinking of Havenco. I think the URL is It was actually an old WW2 era Anti Aircraft gun platform off the coast of England. Some daft Englishman took it over, made it into a country, and then many years later, sold the rights to use it to Havenco. They were all the buzz a couple of years back, but I haven’t heard anything from them since. Nice in theory, but I doubt they’re still going strong.

Khyron says:

Does this equate to distributing porn in Iran?

I wonder what the Iranian government’s stance on this is.

I just read an article at about a book entitled “The
Sexual Life of Catherine M.”. In the last paragraph of the review,
the author mentions an Iranian woman being stoned to death
for appearing in pornography (porn in this case being that she
showed her hair).

So, given that most of the flicks on this site were probably
popular Western movies, would the same group of religious
leaders, or even the Ayatollah, consider Film88 to be
distributing pornography? And if so, what is the punishment
they would (will?) dole out to the operators of the site, if they
choose to?

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