Rights Are For Corporations

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Here’s a cheery article about how finally Hollywood and Silicon Valley are “working together” to stop digital piracy as they get ready to come out with the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group’s report on copy protection schemes. Of course, the reality isn’t so much fun. It seems that this wonderful world of working together doesn’t involve the people it will impact the most: consumers themselves who have had no say in the process whatsoever. In fact, when Dan Gillmor tried to join the mailing list of the group he was turned away because he might actually (gasp!) tell people what they were saying. The EFF has put out a document explaining why the plan unfairly takes away our fair use rights. I’m certainly always interested in hearing real ideas for ways to deal with the issues raised by file sharing, but I’m not a fan of plans that come from a closed process run by corporations who are clearly vested interests.

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Comments on “Rights Are For Corporations”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I’m sure this new “features” will help the sluggish PC market back onto its feet.

I’m glad Linux runs well on old computers. I’ll protest by not buying a new computer (or peripheral) from any corporation that supports this illegal cartel even if the protection can be defeated by a “magic” marker.

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