High Tech Sleuthing To Find Stolen Car

from the track-'em-down dept

Some guy in Chicago had his car stolen last week, but tracked it down himself. First off, he deserves to get in trouble for double parking in the first place, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to have his car stolen. He first called his mobile phone (which he had left in the car) and spoke to the guy who stole it – who promised to return it, but (not surprisingly) didn’t. He then, with the help of a friend who worked for Sprint PCS, looked up the numbers that had been called from his cell phone since the car was stolen. He used a reverse directory online to track down the address of the phone numbers called and drove to those locations with a friend where he saw his car in one of the driveways. He then (smartly) let the local police handle the rest (which did, actually, involve a car chase).

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Comments on “High Tech Sleuthing To Find Stolen Car”

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Amanda says:

Stolen monte carlo

I have something to say, me and my boyfriend had a black monte carlo, his uncle was going to buy it,we live in newfoundland, his uncle lives in Nova Scotia. HIs uncle wanted the car shipped up to him and he would make a payment of $500 the next day, we went up there two months later when we discovered that his uncle ripped us off. His uncle gave us the wrong address to where he lives, we had to find out from a very nice taxi driver, so we went to his house and he then told us that he sold our car because he couldn’t afford to buy her. Now the cops up in Nova Scotia don’t want anything to do with this. When I find out where my boyfriends uncle is to now, he will pay, or he’ll be getting the car back for us.Our car is worth $7500, or more. Thank- you for reading this.

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