Doubletalking Your Way Around Spam

from the come-on,-'fess-up dept

We already mentioned the NY State lawsuit against MonsterHut, but here’s an article that goes into much more detail about the case, and has an amusing (though, scary) response from MonsterHut’s CEO. Basically, he says that since no one has officially defined what spam is, they couldn’t possibly have spammed anyone. Doubletalk at it’s best. He also tries to spin things by saying that an email address is “public information”, and since he doesn’t know anything else about the person who owns that information, it’s clearly not an invasion of privacy. At the end, though, he says he’s probably going to shut down MonsterHut because of this. One spammer down, many many to go.

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Comments on “Doubletalking Your Way Around Spam”

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Uncle StoatWarbler says:

Re: It is like

Todd Pelow already has moved operatons offshore.

Monsterhut and Beaverhome are very tightly wedded and contrary to the rpoet go back a lot more than 18 months.

Monsterhut itself has a number of court decisions against it and Pelow has sites up in canada, europe and in asia.

Monsterhut may be going away, Todd Pelow’s spam won’t be unless the NY courts manage to get a decision which binds him to any jurisdiction.

As I understand it he’s already fled the USA anyway and is now in Canada. Tghere were reports of this in slashdot and various antispam forums

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