Viant Says More People Are Downloading Movies

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Well, this will just become more fuel for the MPAA’s fire, but Viant has come out with a study saying more people are downloading movies. This isn’t at all surprising, of course. More people are getting broadband access, or learning how to use file sharing – and there are more popular movies coming out. Even Viant admits that this is partly because of all the people trying to get Spiderman and Attack of the Clones – two movies that brought in record amounts of money. I would think that to a normal person this would suggest that the term “movie pirates” is not very accurate. How many times have pirates robbed someone in a way that made the “victims” wealthier? The study also mentions that only about 20% to 30% of people who tried to download either movie were successful. Update: BBspot has their own take on the whole movie “piracy” thing, with their “expose” of how Spiderman 2 is already online before even being filmed. They do a pretty good imitation of Valenti and the MPAA.

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Comments on “Viant Says More People Are Downloading Movies”

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Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Of course, the RIAA and their friends will automatically assume that anybody who downloaded Episode II was somebody who would have gone to the movie otherwise. This obviously is a lame assumption. Even a nice 21 inch LCD screen is no replacement for the experience of going to the movies. I would bet the vast majority of people downloading Episode II and Spiderman paid full price to see the movie in a theatre, and a good percentage have probably paid to see it twice.

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