Zuccarini Fined $1.9 Million, Assuming He Ever Shows Up

from the now,-if-they-could-only-find-him dept

We’ve written about John Zuccarini before. This is the guy who registered tons of slightly misspelled domain names, and used them to inundate anyone who accidentally went to those sites with a never-ending stream of pop up ads. He seems to have done a good job perfecting his disappearing act. After spending quite a bit of effort in trying to track him down, last year the FTC simply forced a bunch of his sites to be shut down. Now, they’ve decided to fine him $1.9 million for his actions. Yet, they still can’t find him. Despite the fact that he was served, he never showed up in court, and no one has any idea where he is.

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Comments on “Zuccarini Fined $1.9 Million, Assuming He Ever Shows Up”

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Anonymous Coward says:

difficult to find; difficult to browse

I’ve mistyped plenty of sites, but I’ve never had
excessive pop-up browser problems. Of course,
flash sites don’t load on my browser either…

As for this person being difficult to find… if
he’s been served (in person), he’s not difficult
to find (and if they’re talking about an e-mail
subpena, then we’re talking beaurocratic bullshit;
I’m sure most of our spam filters would prevent
us from “seeing” e-mail served notice to appear)
and just because the Feds can’t put their hands
on him easily doesn’t make a statement beyond
their general incompentence… they’ll contract
the finding part out public sector companies that
specialize in such things…

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