Beware The Mind Controlling Neuroscientists

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With all the debate going on about cloning and other ethical questions related to genetics work, it turns out (according to this article) that we’ve been letting the really evil geniuses slip by. It’s those crazy neuroscientists who are figuring out how to control our minds that we should be worried about. Is it just me, or does this article seem just a little bit paranoid for a publication like the Economist? It reads more like something out of a fringe group publication. I bet it’s the neuroscientists who control the black helicopters too.

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Comments on “Beware The Mind Controlling Neuroscientists”

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1 Comment
np (user link) says:

Orwellian, oops sorry Dickian Future Sponsored by

oh please. pleeze.

subjects fall in love with their psychologists all the time. nevertheless this is a nice anectode. if the journalist really wanted to make a point (s)he could have come up with some serious references from the sixties – plus counterarguments, why the Orwellian/all right Dickian future has not materialized -yet!?

This from the Economist??? – it’s not even April – yet 🙂
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