Second Land Rush For .Info Names

from the because-the-first-time-wasn't-screwed-up-enough dept

Back in October we talked about just how badly the .info registration process was. Originally it was only supposed to be for trademark holders to get their .info domain. However, many people simply lied about owning trademarks and ended up with some domains they probably shouldn’t have. Afilias, the company in charge of all this, heard the outcry and has gone back and reclaimed 17,000 domains they mistakenly handed out. So, you would think they would improve the process for registering those names. It doesn’t seem like they have. They’re going to accept requests for domains one-at-a-time in a round robin fashion from all the registrars they have. This means if you really want a certain domain, you’re more likely to get it if you register the request with every single registrar. This seems like a huge waste of time and money. Of course, we haven’t even brought up the question of who would want a .info domain anyway?

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