Microsoft Wants The Pentagon To Ditch Open Source Software

from the because-we-love-that-blue-screen-of-death-in-times-of-emergency dept

It seems that Microsoft’s latest anti-open source strategy is simply to bombard government agencies with horror stories about why open source software is dangerous and “less secure”. While we know the plan backfired big time in Peru, the same thing may be happening at the Pentagon. After numerous contacts from Microsoft officials, the Defense Department has come out with a report saying that open source software appears to be more secure (something almost anyone outside of Microsoft would tell you). It would have been more fun if they went point-for-point against Microsoft like the Peru letter, but it’s still good to see. What’s also amusing is the way Microsoft is now backtracking on this issue. They say they weren’t trying to have the Pentagon ditch open source software, but rather to figure out how MS and open source software could “coexist”. I think Microsoft has a different definition of “coexist” than the rest of us.

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Comments on “Microsoft Wants The Pentagon To Ditch Open Source Software”

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2Lazy2Register says:

No Subject Given

Spokesman Jon Murchinson said Microsoft has been talking about how to allow open-source and proprietary software to coexist. “Our goal is to resolve difficult issues that are driving a wedge between the commercial and free software models,” he said.

One way to allow open-source and Microsoft to coexist would be to stop f*&king around with SMB. The duplicity of these people is astonishing!

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