Maybe We Just Need Cheap CDs?

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While some people insist that if file trading is allowed to continue there simply is no business model for the music industry, others are out there trying new business models on for size. One attempt is an independent music label that thinks selling CDs for $5 a pop is the answer (though, they pitch them as “free” CDs with a $5 shipping fee). The idea is that burning your own CD takes time and is annoying. If CDs were cheap enough (say, $5 to $8) no one would want to burn their own, and would just go buy the CD for the sake of convenience. As I said, I’m glad that someone is actually testing out a new business model, but I’m not sure how strong this one is. I’d guess that many people burn their own CDs to make custom mixes. However, just because this one idea doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean there’s no business model out there. If the music industry was smart, they’d be looking for one themselves before someone else beats them to it.

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Comments on “Maybe We Just Need Cheap CDs?”

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2Lazy2Register says:

Cost, or convenience?

I think the ability to make a custom mix is a great selling point for CD burners, but not necessarily an explanation for file trading. I think convenience (and certainly to some degree cost) are the primary reasons for file trading. Why go through the hassle of Best Buy or the mall when you can have music files delivered right to your PC without ever having to leave the house? Pick some songs, grab a beer, configure & start your burner, grab a beer, and you’re all done! Instant gratification and plenty ‘o beer – what more could you want?

Phibian (user link) says:


There’s another angle as well. I’ve converted all my CDs to MP3s and am working on my record collection (and yes, I actually own the stuff I ripped). Why? Because it’s 40,000,000 times more convenient to have all my tracks stored on a “jukebox” computer – where I can set up playlists with various characteristics, and omit any tracks I can’t stand. We let visitors set up their own playlists, and we even have a compromise playlist that omits songs that I like but my husband can’t stand and vice-versa 🙂

I then can put it all on a massive shuffle, or just play x playlist – without having to get out the CD, and swop etc. Plus, I can access it no matter where I am (well, via an Internet Connection) without having to lug around a ton of CDs. And, best of all, I can then take the originals in the car to listen to.

I’d buy a custom CD at slightly less than “regular” CD prices because it would mean I wasn’t paying for junk I don’t want (and frankly I find burning CDs annoying – takes too long and locks up my computer while it’s at it), but I’d definitely be willing to pay regular (or slightly above regular) prices if they threw in a second CD of MP3s.

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