Valenti Keeps On Talking Trash

from the does-he-believe-what-he's-saying? dept

Jack Valenti was in Cannes today at the big film festival, and he used it to (once again) ignore the huge opportunity the internet has placed in front of him, while continuing to make ridiculous claims about movies online. He spent some time pointing out the “differences” between digital copies and analog copies of movies, which really is besides the point. If someone has a single analog copy that they use to make each copy, then the quality won’t degrade beyond the original version. He then went on to explain that copying movies should be a criminal offense involving jail time for those who are caught as opposed to just a fine. Remember, this is the same guy who tried to kill the VCR because it was such a “threat” to his industry. I get the feeling that Valenti wouldn’t be able to determine what an opportunity was if it smacked him in the face.

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