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We’ve recently posted a few stories about the OQO, and last week I showed the Tiqit tiny computer at the O’Reilly Conference, so it seems like now is the time that “tiny computers” are getting their fair share of attention. When we first posted about the OQO, someone commented that it looked like a project IBM was working on, called the MetaPad. Now we find out that a new startup, called Antelope is getting set to make their own tiny computers based on that IBM design. There is still some question as to how far beyond the “ooh, that looks cool” factor these will go. Whether or not people find them useful enough to buy remains to be seen.

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Comments on “More Tiny PCs”

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Marc Nathan says:

I just want one that will fit in my pocket

All of these pocket PC’s should be just that – computers that will fit in your pocket. Either make handhelds smaller, or curve them like hip flasks. Docker’s and ScottVest are a good concept because I won’t wear any tech on my belt – it’s just not cool no matter how many people do it. I want a device that will handle MS Outlook, have always-on email with the ability to read attachments, handle Instant Messages and voice calls, and maybe play MP3’s. If this sounds more like a next-gen cell phone than a pocket PC, then so be it. One device, One OS, One bill (the kind you get in the mail), although I figure that if my dream device will ever get into my hands, Uncle Bill will have his brand all over it.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I don’t understand what the big deal is with making a PC that fits in your hand. The Palm is nice because it lets me keep my appointments in order and make the occasional note here and there. I still find that the low powered Palm runs out of battery life way too quick. I couldn’t imagine what a full color graphical interfaced Palm that played video files, MP3s and JPGs battery life would be. It seems to be too much in one little device. I agree it has a cool factor to it but there doesn’t seem to be much of a practical factor. Regardless of speed, features and battery life I’ll always want a large screen to perform actual work.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Yeah, I agree that it would be tough to use it by itself all the time. However, I think the point of the smaller computers is that they can be used in multiple situations through docking stations. So, sure, when you’re at your desk you’ll dock it into a larger screen, but in some instances it will certainly be useful to carry around a much smaller computer. I have to admit, though, that the screens on those things are amazingly clear.

Anyway, I’d bet the first real “practical” use of them won’t be for consumers, but for factories or other business uses, where more mobile employees will need access to enterprise software, and they’ll be able to do it without having to have the software rewritten for the palm or a WinCE device.

As for battery life, the OQO folks claim their batteries last anywhere from 7 to 9 hours or so. The Tiqit people say that’s impossible. In their experience, running a WinXP tiny computer at full power, the battery lasted about 3.5 hours. Beats most laptops.

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