Another Journalist Discovers Blogs… And Has To Write About It

from the the-non-story dept

One by one journalists are discovering blogs. And, each time they do, they seem to be tempted to write about the experience. Since we’ve seen about fifty of these sorts of stories over the past year or so, you would think that it’s not much of a story any more. But each new journalist thinks they’ve discovered something new. It’s amusing, also, to see someone who’s been blogging for just a few weeks suddenly announce that they know the secrets to being a good blogger. Part of me wonders if these newly blogging journalists simply write these articles just to get linked from other blogs.

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Comments on “Another Journalist Discovers Blogs… And Has To Write About It”

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Bob says:


Yes, sadly, I’ve read Jennifer Balderama’s work before … she write like a senior in high school. Mindless rhetoric, vague nicteties, platitudes — she’s got it all. She’s obviously still fascinated with the fact that SHE is a WRITER and that SHE has EDITORS, as the first 3 grafs say.

Well la-de-frikin da. I have an editor, too. He doesn’t give a shit if I have a blog or not. The difference between so-called “capital-J journalists” like ms balderama and myself is the degree to which she is self-absorbed.

What blogs are all about are ME ME ME, she gloats. Hell if everyone took the time to set up and maintain blogs, there would be no one out there to read them. Give it time she’ll quit her blog, too after it loses it’s novelty. So even if nobosy reads it, then blogs are a great thing? Bullshit. write a diary. That’s timeless.

albrechtofsilesia (profile) says:

Jennifer Balderama

Smart, keen eye, and while she may not have been one the earliest of the early adopters, I think Ms. Balderama was way ahead of her time. I can’t understand why you would put her down for celebrating the joys of blogging. Just because you came to it first isn’t reason enough to feel so superior. If blogging stands for anything, it is mass communication and that to me means everybody is welcome to it, not just nerd-boy elitists.

And Bob, coo-coo kachoo, you were wrong from top to bottom. Take a look, seven years later, she’s still at it!

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