More On Kazaa Lite And Other Spyware Free Software

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Last week we had a story about Kazaa vs. Kazaa Lite and now here’s another story about a number of hacked software programs that have ditched the spyware and adware. Of course, the best part is that things like Kazaa Lite are being distributed by Kazaa. Again Kazaa/Sharman Networks comes through with a hilarious quote: “Basically our brand name is being damaged quite significantly by these activities.” Damaged? Quite significantly? Someone takes your product, removes all the annoying parts of it, and distributes it. How is that damaging to your brand? I think it helps your brand. Where it hurts is their wallets. However, as I’ve said before, annoying your users is not a valid business model. Your users don’t want to be annoyed and will do whatever possible to not be annoyed. A smart company comes up with a business model that doesn’t involve annoying their users.

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