MasterCard Says No More PayPal

from the ouch dept

In a couple of weeks you may no longer be able to use your MasterCard to make a PayPal payment. MasterCard has said that they won’t let charges go through from “third parties” such as PayPal in order to prevent fraud. Of course, the real reason might have something to do with the folks at MasterCard suddenly realizing that small online businesses are no longer signing up directly with MasterCard for merchant accounts, and just going straight to PayPal instead. PayPal says they’re negotiating with MasterCard to figure out some sort of exemption from the new rule.

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Comments on “MasterCard Says No More PayPal”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

1. While I appreciate feedback of all kinds, and do take comments concerning the look and feel seriously, this is not the place to discuss this. There is a “feedback” option – which you can easily see. Instead, you chose to do this publicly, which suggests you’re trying to show me up. That lessens your credibility greatly. The fact that you refused to leave a name or any identifying info doesn’t help your case either.

2. The site gets plenty of traffic. I didn’t know you had looked at our logs and decided it hadn’t. The number of comments the site get doesn’t reflect the traffic level. It absolutely amazes me that people think they have to explain to me that I don’t get enough traffic. I do this site so that people who like it can come and read it. There are plenty of people who seem to like it and come back everyday. Those are the people I do it for. Our traffic keeps increasing every week and has for the past 3 years. It’s nice that you’re concerned about the traffic of the site, but I’m not. If I wasn’t happy with the traffic why would I keep doing this?

3. I own the site. I like the logos. You can create your own logos for your site.

4. I honestly doubt different logos would attract any more traffic. But, show me the logos on your site, and I’ll decide if the logos make me want to come back.

5. If the traffic is coming here just to look at the logos, I doubt they’re the type of traffic I want.

Anonymous Moron says:

We don't need no steenk'n icons.

this site would get so much more posts and hits if you made better icons for the story categories

Actually, I come for the pretty words.

When strung together they make pretty sentences.

When those sentences are grouped they convey thoughts, opinions and ideas.

I like pretty words.

Chronic Blunt says:

Re: Re: Why is every story from

This site would be so much better if there were other sources for the news besides and Wired News. If I want to read the news on those sites I’ll just go there directly. Don’t mean to be a criticizing dickhead, but sites like Techdirt need to dig deeper to be useful…

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