An Online Content Company That Makes Money

from the strange,-but-true dept

Here’s a column at talking about how “amazing” it is that there’s an online content company out there that is actually making money. The example he uses is which has recently convinced enough curious people to pay up to contact people they lost touch with long ago that they’re actually making an operating profit. I actually don’t think it’s all that amazing that there are online content plays that make money – I just think that too many dot coms simply assumed the money would come to them – rather than that they would have to come up with a real business model, that involved some sort of unique content or service to make people pay.

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Comments on “An Online Content Company That Makes Money”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

it may be run by one person

people have forgotten that the internet is the IDEAL scalable medium….classmates is a good example. build site, just a directory of high schools, then let the money roll in as people sign up…probably hasnt touched the code inthe site for a year. probably fogot the site is still up,,,just keeps getting checks in da mail.

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