Thumb Keyboards All The Rage

from the accident-happening-in-slow-motion dept

An interesting article looking at the rapidly growing popularity of thumb keyboards. The trend, of course, mostly started thanks to RIM’s Blackberry pagers, but now everyone has to have a thumb keyboard. While many add-on component makers for PDAs started making the keyboards, now the PDA companies themselves are offering them. Handspring’s Treo, for instance offers a model with the keyboard (which would be the model I bought, if I were to get a Treo). Other PDA makers are working on their own offereings as well. The interesting part of the article, though, is all the way at the end where they quote an ergonomics expert who is absolutely horrified by the idea of all of these thumb keyboards catching on, saying that it’s like “watching an accident happen in slow motion”. Hopefully, the next generation of kids will have evolved more powerful thumbs by the time they’re adults.

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