XM Satellite Radio Doing Better Than Expected

from the I-was-wrong dept

Ok. Ok. I’ll admit that, so far, I’ve been completely and totally wrong about the chances for satellite radio. I just didn’t see the appeal. However, it appears that plenty of people do see it. In fact, more people than expected have signed up for XM Radio. It’s not often these days that you hear of a company doing better than expected.

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Comments on “XM Satellite Radio Doing Better Than Expected”

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msykes says:


I admit, I didn’t really see the appeal either. Then yesterday I saw one of the lame XM commercials (I think the one with Snoop), and at the end they actually showed one of the car headpieces. It looked really cool, and made me want to buy it all of a sudden!

Can you tell I’m an Apple user?

Seriously though, I’ve been increasingly disgusted with radio these days. I have 6 “favorite” stations programmed in, and at any given time 4 of them are talking, and the other 2 are playing shitty music. I only commute about 20 minutes each way, but I’m starting to see the appeal of hundreds of channels of music…


GeekOMatic says:

Re: Ok

It’s not really a hundred channels of music. In fact only a few are really that good. Besides not having advertising (except for occasional XM radio promotion) the music is a FAR BETTER SELECTION than that of the pre-canned formats that the few owners of virtually all broadcasters in the USA force upon their stations. I hear all sorts of stuff I’ve never heard on regular radio, and great stuff which I’ve never even heard before. And the group and song are displayed on a digital readout. It is so
worth 12 bucks a month. Especially now that internet radio is going to become history. Since I, like so many, are banned from having broadband because of where we live, internet radio isn’t an option for me anyway.

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