Video Game Firm Wants To Advertise On Gravestones

from the they-can't-be-serious dept

I can only assume that this is a huge publicity stunt by Acclaim Entertainment, and that they aren’t even remotely serious about this. Apparently, Acclaim is asking for people to sell space on their headstones for recently deceased relatives – in order to advertise a new video game that has something to do with death. They even suggest that it might be a way for poorer families to have a nicer headstone. Of course, payment depends on location and the likelihood of the ad being viewed. Beyond just being tasteless, it brings up issues of where you can legally advertise (they quote a billboard company saying that outdoor advertising needs to be licensed…). My guess is that they were never serious – and simply wanted the press coverage (which we’re giving them). Anyway, this story was found thanks to GMSV.

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