Soon, We'll All Telecommute

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For years random studies have been coming out saying that telecommuting would soon be all the rage. Evidence, however, has shown that it’s never really caught on for a variety of reasons. Yet, the studies keep coming. Here’s one that seems to predict that within five years more than half the U.S. domestic workforce will be working remotely or telecommuting. I’m not sure how they define “working remotely”, but this certainly sounds like a stretch. They then try to tie this to advancing wireless systems – which, again, I think is a stretch. I do think wireless systems will make it easier to work remotely, but there are many other factors in determining if people are telecommuting or not.

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Comments on “Soon, We'll All Telecommute”

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Ed says:

Uh huh

My reaction when reading this was also a big “huh?” Why would telecommuting be tied to wireless communication, when what you really need is just wired broadband connectivity in the home? This seems part of a trend I’ve observed lately where people are getting sloppy and talking about broadband and wireless as if they’re the same thing, but you can have one without the other (and in most cases there are good reasons why it’s feasible and cheap to deliver one but not both).

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