Reassessing Corporate Values

from the don't-screw-the-customer dept

An interesting column from Thomas Stewart looking at how awful and useless most “company values” statements are. They’re usually vague and forgetful. He ends up suggesting more “real” values that might actually be remembered by employees such as “Don’t screw the customer” and “Make promises you can keep.” I agree that most value statements are pretty useless, but I’m not sure the new “clearer” ones are any better either. What it comes down to is how the company acts. They can say whatever they want, but if you see your boss making up stuff to get a deal, then you’re likely to do the same thing as well. Corporate values don’t come from a poster on a wall, but from how a company actually acts in the marketplace.

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Comments on “Reassessing Corporate Values”

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Nathaniel (user link) says:

Re: Corporate Values - Unshrink!

Max Mckeown has written a very thoughtful book on the subject of values/principles in business. It lists new principles that would make a different if used as a measure in every corporation. They include:

– No More Secrets (The Team Needs to Know)
– The Business is a Community
– There is only us

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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