Canadians Taxing Storage Media

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Canada is trying to pass a law that would put fairly large taxes on all sorts of recordable media. It would put a $0.59 tax on ever blank CD sold. However, even worse, would be the taxes on MP3 players and other devices that include a lot of storage. The pricing comes out to $21/gigabyte, so any Canadians should expect to pay an extra $100 for their iPod, or another $400(!) for one of those 20 gig portable jukebox players. Seems a bit extreme. The article predicts that if this passes, it won’t be long before people start smuggling recordable media into Canada from the US.

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Comments on “Canadians Taxing Storage Media”

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msykes says:

Re: No Subject Given

Fucking Canadians, bunch of lame ass hosers!

🙂 Seriously though… I’m not necessarily completely opposed to taxes – heck, I’ll pay an extra Penny for every CDR, and maybe 10 cents for every Gigabyte of space, but these prices are insane!

Didn’t they already try to pass something like this in the US before? Maybe not, maybe I’m thinking of a previous time they tried to pass this in Canada (I am Canadian, so I’m allowed to make those earlier comments)


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