How To Make Yourself Look Worse On A Job Application

from the say-what? dept

An odd article in Business 2.0 about how to apply for a job that you are overqualified for. Basically, it tells you how to cut down your resume. The thing that I thought was particularly interesting in the article was she mentions that one company advertising for employees says in their job description: “No application with dotcom experience will be considered.” This seems incredibly stupid. While I can understand that people will look at internet based jobs differently, that certainly doesn’t mean that someone who worked at a dot com is automatically not qualified for a job. If a company actually believes that they are better off not hiring anyone with dot com experience, then I don’t see why anyone would want to work there. It shows an incredible judgment call about people. While I’m sure there are plenty (maybe more than that) of stupid people who worked at dot coms and had their title and responsibilities inflated to ridiculous levels, that doesn’t mean there also weren’t some very smart folks who learned from the experience.

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