The Human Live-In Hampster Wheel

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Wired has an article about these bizarre huge plastic hamster wheels that humans could live in. They have different furniture molded into the plastic in different sections, so if you’re in your living room, and felt it was time to go to sleep, you could just turn the hamster wheel until your “bed” was on the bottom part of the wheel. With a combination of 4 wheels together you can apparently create an entire home, complete with two bedrooms. Of course, it might be a bit cramped for the housewarming party. It looks like something out of a bad (very bad) futuristic sci-fi movie. I actually like small spaces, but even I could see going claustrophobic living in such a thing. While, it’s just a display, apparently a number of people have expressed interest in them. I think there are a number of things that haven’t been particularly well thought out if it were to be an actual living environment – but the designer says that each of the comments people are making give him more ideas on how to better design the system.

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