British Troops Accidentally Invade Spain, Apologize

from the that's-one-quick-war dept

Okay. So, this isn’t exactly a technology story, but it’s too funny to pass up, and I’ll tie it to technology at the end (just watch me). It seems that over the weekend some British troops invaded Spain by accident. They had been doing excercises and were supposed to be invading the British colony of Gibraltar. They quickly retreated when local fishermen explained they had just accidentally declared war on Spain. The British government quickly apologized for the invasion and said it was due to a “map reading error”. Ok. I’m sorry, but if I can go out and buy a GPS receiver at the local Radio Shack that will pinpoint where I am within a few feet or so, how can you miss an entire country? I’d guess that this was more of a stereotypical “guy” thing, where we refuse to actually look at maps or anything and just assume we know where we’re going. “Of course, dear, that’s the beach of Gibraltar we’re storming. No, I won’t ask for directions!”

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