Good Guys Use Macs, Bad Guys Use PCs

from the well,-duh dept

Someone with way too much free time has discovered that on Fox’s popular TV show 24 (which I will admit being somewhat addicted to), all of the good guys use Macs, while the bad guys use PCs. Of course, in a show where you’re not supposed to know who’s good and who’s bad until it’s too late, that could be a very important (if inadvertant) visual clue. There was one “good” character using a PC, but then it turned out that she was really bad. Another (good) character recently switched from a Mac to a PC, so the theory is that she was good, but now she’s turning bad. The writers of the show deny it – and bringing it to their attention probably makes sure that it’s not much of an indicator any more. All I know is that I use a PC, so I’m obviously “bad”.

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Comments on “Good Guys Use Macs, Bad Guys Use PCs”

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1 Comment
Fred Tourette says:

Good Guys on Macs

Gosh. And I always thought it had something to do with whoever coughed up the most bucks for permission to provide the props. Ever noticed all those Gateway boxes lying around (not to mention, oversized logos on the gear) in “ER”? This puts a whole new twist on my shameless marketing theories. Further study needs to be done on the Macs v. PCs on [MS]NBC’s “The West Wing”….

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