The Internet And Cable TV Come To Bhutan

from the modern-society-vs.-paradise? dept

A long, and somewhat disorganized, article in Red Herring about the modernizing of Bhutan, the small country that once declared “gross national happiness” was more important than “gross national product”. It’s interesting to see how the society deals with the “threats” and “opportunities” of things like the internet and cable TV. Anyway, I know that people from the Red Herring read this site, and if they see this, I hope they can tell someone there that a “print this page” or “single page” view would be a very nice feature. Clicking through a 7 page article is a bit annoying.

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Comments on “The Internet And Cable TV Come To Bhutan”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Red Herring story

Most sites at least offer an option so that people can chose themselves. That seems like a middle ground solution that could work for you as well.

Personally, I prefer to read an entire article in a single screen. However, I could see why some others wouldn’t mind having it broken up. 7 pages, though, seemed like an awful lot (especially with no indication of how much longer the article would go on for). Some other sites also include an indicator saying how many pages the total article is.

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