Teens Have Little In The Way Of Cyberethics

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Ah, kids these days. Law enforcement agencies are warning that internet scams run by teenagers are on the rise these days. They say that the kids don’t realize what they’re doing is really bad, and they think it’s just a game. But, isn’t that part of what being a teenager is about? Almost everyone I know, at one time or another, as a teenager did something to push the limits and see if they could get away with it. The internet just opens up a new path for such endeavors – and it happens to be one where the teens can figure out what’s going on faster than many adults. I like how the article explains that they need to give them a sense of ethics. Who are the role models for these kids? All the venture capitalists and investment bankers who scammed billions from retail investors? The dot coms that sold nothing, but made billions? Enron? Global Crossing? Come on, they’re learning that scamming is a way of life. Don’t blame teens for figuring out a way to work the system. Blame everyone. I don’t see how a lot of business people are any more ethical than these teens.

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