Miss Cleo Didn't Predict The FTC Crackdown

from the what-good-is-she dept

Okay, before I get started on this post, I just have to ask: how fake is Miss Cleo’s accent anyway? Every time I see those commercials, I picture the second the cameras click off and she reverts back to her Brooklyn accent, or however she really speaks. Anyway, it seems that for all of her amazing “psychic powers”, she couldn’t predict the FTC cracking down on a variety of fraudulent practices her company uses. Apparently, they are misleading about how they charge users and then they harass people with telemarketing phone calls as well. Though, I think anyone who doesn’t realize that the “free readin'” will involve putting you on hold until the “free” 3 minutes has passed is a bit on the gullible side. Though, on the telemarketing side, people should just start employing the “hold on, please” defense.

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