Comcast Users Can't Use Email

from the fine,-if-that's-what-you-want dept

It seems that Comcast can’t do anything right this week. After getting in trouble for secretly spying on cable modem users, it now turns out that most Comcast subscribers haven’t been able to use email for the past day or so. Comcast says they’re “working on it”. They’re doing such a great job building confidence in broadband. I can’t wait until my cable service provider, AT&T Broadband, completes selling out to them. Then I, too, will get to experience the wonders of Comcast’s service.

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Comments on “Comcast Users Can't Use Email”

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noname loser says:

Comcast is suck'n

They have an automated caller that calls about once a week telling me to download their software and install because @Home email will be gone by the end of February.
They send a letter out as well once a week explaining how to do all this so that you don’t “miss out”.
You download some inane program that is ~20 megs and installs some sort of “maintenance” program that runs as a service.
The installer crashed my pc hard but finally did install ok I guess.
And now, after finally doing all this to get them off my back the email is borked! Their website comes and goes in spasms.
I never thought I would say this, but since I rarely play net games anymore, I’m almost tempted to go back to dialup. It’s half the cost and I’m really not liking the intrusions I’m forced to agree to for the “privilage” of using broadband.
I have DSL at work which is a little slower, but I actually am starting to prefer it.

ADI says:

Comcast email, service in general

My parents (who adopted my cable broadband when I moved out) have been having problems for months with Comcast. They can receive email just fine, but sending anything is a tenuous proposition. For some reason, forwarding a message NEVER works. I’ve tried to help them with my knowledge, even spent hours on line with various levels of tech support. The techs have suggested changes in settings, programs (Netscape and Outlook), and cycling the power on the modem. Nothing works, and everyone is stymied. Not that Comcast is offering to send someone out to work on it until it gets fixed, or refusing to charge until the system is repaired. I’ve spent all the time I’m going to on it; if I were still living there they would have been cancelled a long time ago. But my parents have more cash than I do, and no addiction to the net.

Oh, did I mention that, more often than not, the connection doesn’t work at all?

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