Comcast Spying On Users

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You would think that by now there would be somebody at big ISPs who would bring up issues like “privacy” before those ISPs decided to spy on their users without telling them. Comcast is now recording everywhere you go (and in some cases what you enter into forms). They claim it’s for optimization reasons, though it’s a bit unclear how they’re optimizing stuff by recording where you go. At the very least, this is the sort of thing that they should have told their customers about, but they chicken out and hide behind their lawyers, by saying that what they’re doing is covered by the service agreement the customers agreed to when they first signed up. Hopefully, like other idiotic corporate moves, there will be some customer backlash that will force Comcast to reconsider. Update: As hoped for, the backlash has caused Comcast to change their mind. Update 2: To make matters worse the government is suddenly concerned that Comcast may have broken the law.

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Comments on “Comcast Spying On Users”

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1234567 says:

This is disgusting

I use Comcast … they recently had me install some sort of a program on cpu (I stalled, but without it, even though I was paying for Broadband, it was SLOOOOOW). The program was very suspicious. It changed my Outlook Express and now I have a little comcast icon and buttons on my Internet Explorer. My firewall also gives me messages about their program trying to access the internet. I had suspicions that they were spying, but gave them the benefit of the doubt. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Mad Mad Mad says:

Mysterious Appointments

They tried to get into my house and say they had an appointment to do an upgrade to my equipment.
I wasn’t even there.
I was out of town.
Doesn’t this seem strange.
Do research on MK Ultra and the Illuminati and 2 days later comcast is at your door.
A coincidence I think not.
Those ass holes were more than likely going to bug my house some how.
The whole world is controlled more than any most people realize and its bull.

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