SEC Halts Stock Scam

from the just-how-gullible-are-people? dept

I am amazed at just how gullible people are. I know that by now I should have learned, but every time I read a story about incredibly stupid people being parted with their money, I’m still surprised. The latest is that the SEC has stopped a guy from selling any more stock in three “companies” he owns. The three companies are never described other than having their names given, and it’s unclear if they’re actually companies at all. The amazing part is that somehow, through cold calling and blatant lying this guy got people to put $3 million into the companies saying they were about to go public. How could anyone give up any amount of money to some random guy on the phone telling them his company was about to go public? It boggles the mind. If it doesn’t boggle your mind, please contact us about a special investment offer…

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