No Thin Mints In Cyberspace

from the what-are-they-thinking? dept

It’s that time of year again when Girl Scouts are out selling their cookies. Apparently, it’s becoming increasingly popular to pitch the cookies over email to friends and family. While the official Girl Scout powers-that-be aren’t too happy about it, they say it’s okay as long as no spamming is involved – and the Girl Scouts themselves at least have a hand in writing the message. However, what they don’t allow is for the cookies to be sold directly over the web. They’re afraid of fraud, as well as hurting local sales. Of course, they could set it up so you could only have it shipped to local addresses, but I guess that’s too tricky. In the meantime, I think all of this takes away from the “guilt” factor of saying no to the little girl standing at your door selling cookies. It’s nearly impossible to refuse (I’ve tried, and failed). Though, I still want to know why most people consider Thin Mints to be the best GS cookie (over 25% of their sales are Thin Mints). The only advantage it seems to have is that it’s the only one that actually comes with more than about 8 cookies in the box. But Tagalongs… now, there’s a damn good cookie.

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