Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons

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Lawrence Lessig and a bunch of other smart folks are apparently working on a new project called Creative Commons which is an outgrowth of many of the ideas that he’s been publishing recently. It’s a system of intellectual property licenses that IP creators and owners can use as alternatives to traditional copyrights or other licenses. The article goes into a lot more detail, which I couldn’t do justice to in this space – but it’s quite an interesting idea, and it will be very interesting to see how well it is accepted. As an aside, Lessig will be keynoting O’Reilly’s Emerging Technologies conference in May which also has a number of great speakers and one speaker who probably doesn’t belong there at all (for those of you not clicking through, that would be me). Of course, no one will come to see me speak, because I’m going up against Brewster Kahle and his Web Archive project session which is going on at the same time.

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