Online Ads Are Getting Worse

from the pop-ups-are-just-the-beginning dept

When will advertisers realize that pissing off people doesn’t help their cause? It seems that on a panel of advertisers only one realized that pop ups don’t help. Everyone else thought they were wonderful – and that they need to get more intrusive to be even more effective. It is possible to create advertising that people find useful and informative – and pops ups don’t come anywhere near that. Pissing off users is not a way to gain customers.

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Comments on “Online Ads Are Getting Worse”

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Lee says:

Looking good

While I am an ardent spam hater, I understand the need for adverts on web pages, someone has to pay for the web site.

Anyway as a graphic artist, I take issue with the casino tackiness of most pop-ups, pop-unders, banners and other forms of web adverts, they turn me off from doing business with the advertiser. I have noticed that if the ad is garish I will tune it out, and ignore that space on the page.

I have and do “click through” if there is something that catches my eye AND I am shopping for a product or service. Make it look good and I may do business with you.

Anonymous Coward says:

Some are ok, but...

I don’t mind smaller, independent web sites trying to pay the bills with ad revenue – to me that’s just the cost of getting at the content. What sets me off is sites like, (as if they weren’t already on my shit list over their ridiculous ‘no reviews’ clause) peppering me with pop-ups when I go to their sites. Listen you dipshits, I’m already at your site, ostensibly to buy something, and I have NO NEED to see even more ads from you. Once I’m ‘in the door,’ GET OFF MY BACK!

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